Protection, governance and compliance for your business suite

Data access protection – cost-efficient, secure, and professional. SAP® S/4HANA ready.

Cockpit Governance
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Increase data security

GRC-in-a-box tools and processes for continuous fraud and error control in your business suite (SAP, Microsoft, etc.) and throughout the company.


Achieve regulatory compliance

Sustainably meet regulatory compliance and data protection regulations (industry-specific, GDPR, etc.) for internal and external collaboration.


Enhance risk transparency

Automatic generation of risk reports on regulatory compliance findings and hazardous situations including Risk Dash Board.

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Reduce GRC costs

Cost reduction through automation, standardization and license optimization (e.g., SAP).


 With wikima4 you achieve

Secure and effective collaboration

Protection of digital data streams for effective and efficient collaboration

Business efficiency

Continuous monitoring and mining for business efficiency

Secure role and process control

Role and process control in the ERP system for innovative business models

GRC Governance, risk & compliance for comprehensive digital security

Your employees and business partners need controlled access to the right data at the right time. wikima4 focuses on the cost-optimized control of these data streams in ERP and other IT systems. This prevents data theft and industrial espionage and meets relevant compliance requirements.

As a long-term successful Swiss company, wikima4 offers a straightforward and proven implementation process.

Our GRC tool, mesaforte, is an integrated SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution that operates independently of the controlled ERP system to increase the security of the entire IT architecture.

We offer our customers a leading solution consisting of software tools and custom implementation of standard processes around role and license management in ERP and other IT systems. Our GRC tools are SAP S/4 HANA ready.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance for your business suite

GRC tools “in-a-box” for your ERP system

  • simplifies and automates the data, access and process management of your ERP system
  • fulfils company-specific governance, risk & compliance requirements
  • reduces ERP application risks
Service Suite

Tailored GRC services for your ERP system

  • Identity Access Management Services (“IDM”) for efficient and compliant access management
  • Internal Control System (“ICS”), System Hygiene
  • Internal audit services and management reporting

Strengthen your company’s resilience and minimize risks with GRC tools by wikima4

Take over the cockpit and offer your company new horizons



Governance, Risk and Compliance:
9 modules scalable in one box


Rapid return on investment through smart role and authorisation management

Effective and efficient

Pre-installed best-practice templates for various industries


Scalable modules for the company-specific management of the ERP system

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It took us a while to experience the awakening of spring not only in the calendar but also in nature. All the more reason for us to be happy about the “more lightness” …


With the SNAP-Shot analysis, you will find out after 72 hours where vulnerabilities are, what measures you should take against hacking and what effort is behind it. We create transparency with regard to compliance in SAP and you can measure yourself against the best in the benchmark.


The dramatic increase in cyber attacks last year puts the unpopular topic of “security” in the spotlight and shows that hackers combine technology and social engineering in equal measure. The question arises: How can we in the company protect our business suite from attacks?


Cyber attacks cause great economic damage around the globe. Protection against cyber attacks by securing and protecting the visible, technical infrastructure and through a consistently implemented internal control system. With this, you have the assignment of rights to roles and the associated data access to your business suite under control.


An outstanding and reliable partner for all questions concerning
SAP compliance, governance and security. With mesaforte
Compliance Suite, we are also securely positioned in the regulatory environment.

Robert Redl

CIO Energy Supply Lower Austria

The competence of wikima4 employees and procedure method
convinces both the specialist department and the external auditors.

Michael Karper

Head of Applications TAMEDIA

It’s always a pleasure to discuss issues and work with … has a solid understanding of (SAP) information and IT-security as well as high professional competence. I have been highly satisfied with the work performed and the way … worked with my staff on a joint audit.

Rolf-Christian Andersen



The company wikima4 is entrepreneur-led: For over 20 years, we have been experts with a focus on application-based IT security, compliance, internal control systems and authorisation management.

Portrait Priska Altorfer

Priska Altorfer


The challenge is to bring the old and new worlds of SAP together so that they continue to meet legal requirements.

Portrait Jörg Altmeier

Jörg Altmeier


Solid internal control systems are the backbone for every company and the solid basis for cooperation across departmental boundaries.


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