Holistic GRC services, consulting, and audit for your ERP security

Ensure that your most important systems and data are protected: We offer tailored services for governance, risk and compliance. From audits and consulting to control systems – we steer you purposefully through stormy times.

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Solutions for our clients

Which solutions we have implemented in which industries: Focus on strong implementation.

GRC Service Suite from wikima4

As GRC experts, we support our customers with our services.

Service packages at a fixed price

We offer service packages at a fixed price: to get to know each other or to deepen cooperation.


Goals and implementation for more security in different industries

Aircraft manufacturer
Protection of innovation

Compliance monitoring

Energy provider

Identity Management

Implementation Process Consolidation Enterprise Roles
Dental Products
Enable temporary data access
Effective process for highest regulatory requirements (“FDI”)
Financial services
Control data access

Concept for internal control system (“ICS”)

Energy suppliers
Monitoring regulatory requirements
ERP licence check and adaptation of roles and authorisations
Public Administration
New SAP role concept
Implementation of SAP role and authorisation management


Customer Success Story

Verbund logo
Read here how the company “Verbund” protects its security-critical infrastructure with wikima4.

GRC Services Suite

Transparent processes, structures that cover the entire value chain and automated reporting are the prerequisites for any company to meet the high demands for compliance and the challenge of “IT security” in a holistic manner.

Die Elemente des Service Portfolio

We successfully apply the following principles in our GRC customer projects:

  • We make project goals measurable right from the start with KPIs (key performance indicators).
  • We use organisational attributes from organisational management in HR to build up (partial) automation.
  • Our templates are adapted to the client’s individual objectives. Client-internal results are assessed and added to the templates.
  • We go step by step into the technical and business implementation.
  • We use internal and external project management in a sensible and resource-saving way.

From our many years of expertise and in cooperation with our clients, we have developed specific GRC services in 6 areas.

Internal Control Systems

Internal Control Systems (ICS)

Creation and implementation of internal control systems
System hygiene

Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management Services (IDM)

User Access Management
wikima4 Template SAP Roles

License Optimization

Licence Optimisation

Cost-efficient asset distribution (licences)
Usage and demand forecasts

Service Suite Audit

Audit Services

Competence for internal compliance and security tasks
Reporting for management

Process Documentation

Process documentation

Transparency of business processes and controls
Business Process Excellence

SAP Authorization Management

SAP Authorization Management

Conceptual guideline for content-related authorisation roles
Basis for switching to new technologies

GRC Service packages for SME at a fixed price

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

Would you like a detailed insight into the functional possibilities and benefits of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management?

wikima4 creates a proof-of-concept for your company with which you can design provisioning in SAP landscapes in a simple, secure, efficient and audit-compliant manner.

Please contact us directly dor a proof of concept for enterprise.

Package price

EUR 7’900

excluding travel expenses, excluding VAT

Our approach

Day 1:
Kick-off workshop on-site presentation of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, clarification of the customer situation and recording of general requirements

Day 2:
Installation of SAP NetWeaver Identity Management on a test server provided by you (remote).

Day 3 & 4:
Setting up the exemplary scenarios for the typical identity management functions (remote)

Day 5:
Review workshop in your company: Summary of the results, training of the users, definition of the next steps.

Well-being package SAP Compliance & Security

The feel-good package “SAP Compliance & Security” accompanies you and your company in this task. We answer these questions with analyses and audits in workshops and personal discussions:

  • What conflicts currently exist when accessing data in SAP?
  • What organizational and technical measures are required to ensure SAP compliance?
  • How can these measures and processes be implemented in the company in such a way that they are accepted by employees and become part of the corporate DNA?

Get to know price

EUR 12’300

excluding travel expenses, excluding VAT

Project steps 

  1. System hygiene
    Review of roles and users for their activities Analysis of which roles, users and licenses can be further maintained or eliminated.
  2. Conflict and cost analyses
    SAP roles are checked for conflicts, measures are defined. User cleansing shows potential savings in license costs.
  3. Snapshot «Audit»
    3.1. “Segregation of Duties” conflicts: Critical authorization assignments are analyzed and addressed in joint workshops.
    3.2. “General IT Controls”: Areas for which the CIO is responsible are analyzed and jointly addressed.
  4. Process landscape
    Design of optimized processes and integration into the organization for identity access management are jointly developed and introduced in the company.