“The internet has educated its users: Today, you no longer just want to know that something is happening, you want to know why and how it is happening. Secrets are only allowed in exceptions, transparency is the rule – and has long been demanded.” (Sascha Lobo)

What vulnerabilities in our SAP Business Suite are making it particularly easy for potential attackers to hack the company right now? With this SNAP-Shot analysis, you will find out after 72 hours where these vulnerabilities are, what measures you should take now against hacking and what effort is behind it.


We create transparency with regard to compliance in SAP and you can measure yourself against the best in the benchmark. Within 72 hours you will receive an SAP application security report with the following topics

  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Degree of utilisation of SAP roles
  • Roadmap with quick wins
  • Effort estimate
  • Scope: 1 SAP system (ERP)
  • Optional extensions
    • SAP licence management in-depth analysis
    • SOD conflicts according to ICS


The implementation is supported by the following tools: wikima4 mesaforte ComplianceEngine and wikima4 mesaforte RoleMining.

Your benefit

  • Clarity about critical security and compliance gaps in your SAP processes
  • Use the transparency for smart process design
  • Cloud Readiness Snap Shot
  • Overview of measures to counter attacks, misuse and negligence
  • Optional: Presentable documentation for executive management, risk management, auditors and auditors
Price Euro/CHF 6’500, excl. travel expenses / VAT / MwSt