In the meantime, they fill not only books, but libraries: the number of cyber attacks that cause great economic damage around the globe. Yet hacker attacks do not happen purely by chance or out of arbitrariness. Hacker organisations work highly professionally and are at least one decisive step ahead of their pursuers. A ransomware attack is automatically tantamount to an act of industrial espionage. What strikes us as long-standing experts on the topic of “security” is that although the attacks involve espionage and the loss of highly sensitive data – and associated – knowledge of trade secrets, this is often only followed by a shrug of the shoulders in the companies. This shows once again how management deals with the unpopular topic of “security”: by delegating it to the IT department.

The onion principle for the secure business suite!

Due to the current situation and the severity of cyber attacks, the topic of cyber security is omnipresent in the media. This means that even management can no longer put it off. It is therefore high time to protect the company from inside and outside against cyber attacks.

The onion principle: a model against vulnerability in a cyber attack

We see two important key factors to protect against cyber attacks and thus against industrial espionage and against data loss – be it customer, production or employee data:

By securing and protecting the visible, technical infrastructure, i.e. the websites and web servers. Studies show that websites and servers are the most common, first point of entry for hackers Our partner “Cybersec Innovation Partner” (CIP) has created a method in its many years of work to technically analyse vulnerability and combine results enriched with facts from the Darknet.

Once hackers have penetrated the technical infrastructure, nothing holds them back. Now you need a reliable, consistently implemented internal control system to stop the attack. With this, you have the assignment of rights to roles and the associated data access to your business suite under control and secured against loss at all times.

Do you know what the implementation of the internal control system looks like in your company and which factors are central to it? Talk to us about it: We are long-standing, field-tested experts not only in conception but also in implementation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Priska Altorfer, Managing Partner wikima4 AG